Loup City Commission Co.


                                                         REGULAR HOG & CATTLE AUCTION

                                                                            Tuesday October 28th @ 9:30 am



For updates and additional information call:
Office Phone - 308-745-1766
    Manager:  Douglas Day - Home Phone 308-745-0875  Cell 308-750-0278   
     Field Representatives:  Skoal Badura 308-391-2456   Melvin Lane  308-935-1157  
              Dan Skibinski 308-391-0035   Derrick Day 308-750-3804     
       DVAuction -  To bid online call our office for pre approval.

Please give us a call to look at and consign livestock!

Thank You for your Business!



Loup City Commission Co.
78995 -472 B Ave.
PO Box 487
Loup City, Ne 68853

Loup City Commission Co. will conduct our regular auctions every Tuesday for all of our customers convenience. 
 Thank you for your business!   
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